Airline Pilot Club (APC) and Airline Flight Academy have launched a partnership that is aimed at providing aspirant airline pilots with professional guidance and training as they move along their route to an airline pilot career. APC has established a 4-step process that guides prospective students and their families through all the key issues associated with becoming an airline pilot.

Commenting on the announcement, APC founder and CEO, Captain Andy O’Shea said “AFA is a launch client for our ATO Lead Management System software. APC members will be contacted by AFA in our platform and briefed on the great courses that AFA provides.”

APC’s free registration and process provides APC members with access to online assessments of their suitability to a career as an airline pilot. APC’s Preparation Zone provides free online assessments to prepare students for AON and Symbiotics assessments, the most widely used assessment systems in the world. 

APC members can also access insurance policies to assist them in the funding of their pilot training.