FLAIM Systems has unveiled its latest software release of FLAIM Trainer, which includes a new aircraft crash scenario, a new refinery scenario, a new SUV incident scenario, and more.

This release premieres FLAIM’s first large scale, complex ARFF scenario with a Boeing 777 crash and resulting fire. This is the most realistic and frightening firefighting incident that the company has created.

The new Brazilian refinery scenario features a high-pressure gas jet fire and a naphtha (sometimes known as Shellite) fuel leak fire and comes fully loaded with foam cannons, collapsing pipes, explosions, and our new Purple K suppressant.

The new SUV Fire Incident scenario is an example of the growing power of interaction instructors will soon have via ‘injects.’ Trainees can chock wheels, disconnect the battery, and even get hit by oncoming traffic if they stand outside the lane protected by the fire truck.

More details about the new release can be found on FLAIM’s website.