Aviomar Flight Academy is launching its new Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) to provide training to commercial airlines and independent pilots. This Airbus A320-200 CEO FFS is a CAE-built FSTD Level D certified under EU/EASA regulations by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC). The simulator complements the Airbus A320 aircraft family. Aviomar’s Airbus A320FFS will be ready for training on March 2023 and will be a great addition to the school’s advanced Simulator Training Centre based in Rome, Italy.

This Airbus A320 CEO Full Flight Simulator moves with 6 degrees of freedom, which guarantees a realistic flight training with full UPRT capability. It is equipped with EFIS (PFD/ND) - Dual autopilot / flight director system and a Rockwell Collins visual system that delivers a worldwide geo-specific terrain database.

“With our upcoming Airbus A320 CEO Full Flight Simulator, we are set to meet the growing demands of airlines to train new and existing A320 pilots whilst providing tailored services to our clients. This new development will also allow us to take our simulator training centre to the next level,” said Capt. Michele Marano, Aviomar’s General Manager.