The Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) additional capability on Simaero’s ATR 42/72 Full-Flight Simulator (FFS), located in Johannesburg, South Africa, has received the EASA certification.

This major upgrade occurs less than a year after the EASA certification on this Full-Flight Simulator, which is convertible for two versions of the ATR aircraft: ATR 42-500 (EASA Level D – EU-FR9107), ATR 72-500 (EASA Level D – EU-FR9108).

This UPRT upgrade should also be certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) in the coming months, to ensure advanced pilot training solutions for all Simaero Johannesburg Training Center customers.

The ATR 42/72 FFS features a visual system: RSI, Raster XT4, and DLP-LED projectors; a Field-of-View of 180-degrees by 40-degrees; and a motion system consisting of TTS, M6X, 60-inch, hydraulic, and 6 Degrees of Freedom.

The specifications for UPRT include high altitude cruise approach-to-stall event, icing according to CS-FSTD(A) issue 2.