HTX Labs has named Bob Kleinhample as the company’s Senior Vice President of Growth effective immediately. A seasoned executive with more than 15 years leading business efforts in the immersive technologies and simulations space, including senior roles at SAIC and Improbable, Kleinhample, a retired Army officer, will oversee all aspects of HTX Labs' growth organization including business development, product strategy, and marketing.

“Bob brings the right balance of market knowledge and product strategy, in combination with the commitment to bring immersive training and simulation to the warfighter, to really drive our EMPACT offering into the market. We’re very excited to be adding this incredibly important role to our organization and having Bob lead these efforts as we expand the usage and adoption of EMPACT across the Department of Defense,” said Scott Schneider, HTX Labs, CEO & Co-Founder. “Last year we secured funding from Cypress Growth Capital for the sole purpose of accelerating the growth of our EMPACT platform and our customer base, and we immediately began a search for the right person to lead these growth efforts. After performing an extensive search, we are fortunate to have connected with Bob Kleinhample who is coming on board to lead our company’s growth efforts.”


Pictured left, Bob Kleinhample, HTX Labs Senior Vice President of Growth. Image credit: HTX Labs

Kleinhample is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, a 20-year veteran as an Army Simulations Officer and Field Artillery Officer and lead Immersive Technologies and Simulation and Training for SAIC. In addition, Kleinhample volunteers with the National Training and Simulation Association as the Chair of the Next Big Thing committee and serves on the board of The Center for Combatting Elder Financial Abuse.

“HTX is at an inflection point of growth, and Bob brings proven experience that will play a critical role in helping take our organization to the next level,” said Chris Verret, HTX Labs, President and Co-Founder.  “He brings a blended skillset of product strategy, immersive technology, and a deep understanding of government markets, and I’m excited to see how his expertise will help to accelerate broad adoption of our EMPACT immersive learning platform.”