Halldale Group, in partnership with the Aircrew Training Policy Group (ATPG), kicked off 2023 with the eAPS MCC Webinar. The eAPS MCC allows for rapid application of environmental sustainability training to future airline pilots through a cost-neutral enhancement to the APS MCC.

Our esteemed panel of Andy O'Shea and Andy Mitchell from the ATPG and Steve Gibson, Deputy Head of Training at Ryanair talked through all aspects of this program and how to implement it. Here are the key takeaways:


  • Andy O’Shea explained the positive impact the eAPS MCC can influence individual pilot choices and decisions, which, if repeated at scale, can greatly influence total system output. "If every crew in a large LCC saved 1kg of fuel per flight, this would save 3000x364= 1,092,000kgs of fuel a year”.
  • There is no specific need to add or subtract from your current APS MCC, it is about embedding environmental training into the existing course footprint.
  • The panel dove into the importance of safety promotion and the runway it offers ATOs and training organisations.

The full webinar will be available to view soon. 

Our next webinar will take place on March 28th 2023 discussing CBTA:  Register here.

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ATPG Industry liaison: Veronica Zunic.

General Webinar Inquiries: Allyson Kukel