CAE has signed a 10-year agreement to equip Frontier Airlines with CAE’s next generation of flight operations solutions. Implementation will be scheduled to begin later this year for CAE’s cloud-based Operations Control, Crew Management and Flight Management solutions.

Frontier Airlines becomes the latest airline in North America to move to CAE’s portfolio of next-generation solutions – the first since the acquisition of the Sabre AirCentre business in February 2022. CAE’s solutions will enable Frontier to take advantage of the latest-available technology, driving step-change improvements in performance over legacy software in the optimization of flight plans, aircraft usage, and crew communication and engagement.

“As we have seen in the industry over the last few years, updating core operational software is imperative to optimize flight operations, identify flight planning efficiencies and more quickly manage disruptions and recovery,” said Brad Lambert, Vice President, Flight Operations, Frontier Airlines.