Adacel Technologies and Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) have received the aeronautical equipment certificate for REVAL ATC virtual tower located at Kuressaare airport in Estonia. This certificate, awarded by the Estonian Transport Administration to Estonian Air Navigation Services, is a major milestone for both companies as these two organizations, in a close collaborative approach, work on transitioning Kuressaare to fully digital air traffic service operations.

“This is the first time REVAL underwent the rigorous certification process with the Estonian Transport Administration,” said Daniel Verret, Adacel’s CEO. “The Adacel and EANS teams worked tirelessly during this process”

“This is a big step in the right direction in terms of digitizing traditional air traffic services,” said Ivar Värk, EANS´s CEO. “It is a smart investment towards the future and will definitely help us meet the demand of air navigation services in more rural areas in Estonia. This will also help us provide services in a more efficient way and meet the needs of passengers now that the aviation industry has bounced back from the pandemic. REVAL will enable aerodrome flight information officers to work more efficiently and safely while providing services during peak air travel. Both companies have been working hard, and this is a significant confirmation that we are on the right path.”