With J.F. Taylor Inc. as prime, Aechelon is supporting the 31st Combat Training Squadron (VTTC), at Nellis Air Force Base. The VTTC is a U.S. Air Force capability expeditiously supporting a path to National Defense Strategy readiness. It is assigned to the Nevada Test and Training Range, United States Air Force Warfare Center, and provides a vital capability to enable warfighters to experience and dominate today's threats; execute tactics, techniques, and procedures; and integrate 4th, 5th, and next-generation technologies across all domains.

Aechelon is leading the effort in partnership with U.S. Pilots, U.S. Government/Industry subject matter experts, and Varjo to ensure that all desired specifications and feedback for both current and future Image Generators and Mixed Reality Head Mounted Display system capabilities are rapidly implemented and tested by industry and the warfighter before final production.

Aechelon Technology will equip and work at multiple purposely built labs at Nellis AFB, NAS Patuxent River, Varjo in Helsinki, Finland, and Aechelon in Orlando, Florida. Aechelon, in concert with Varjo’s engineering team, will rapidly deploy, field test, and evaluate prototypes thus providing JSE personnel and U.S. Air Force operators an opportunity to shape how mixed reality (MR) is employed in aviation training and situational awareness through the next generation solutions.

Several Mixed Reality systems will be delivered and evaluated before the final delivery of operational-ready units, which is also part of this program in support of several 4th and 5th gen training platforms.