Quantum3D has recently won a new contract from a major forward-thinking electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air mobility company, positioning it to provide products and services for the eVTOL industry as well as for Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility (AAM/UAM), air mobility, air taxi, and flying cars. As part of this new contract, Quantum3D will provide a visual simulation and training system which includes high-end hardware (independence IDX 9000), software (MANTIS), and a 3D database of the high-resolution, high-fidelity city, airport, and vertiport models.

Now, other eVTOL air mobility manufacturers can take advantage of Quantum3D technology to start training their engineers and pilots for their aircraft.

Quantum3D, with 26 years of experience, has an extensive background with its visual simulation software MANTIS and IDX Independence series in the simulation and training industry. In addition to providing technology for the military (Air Force), Quantum3D’s simulation and training technology has been serving a variety of other industries, such as space, air ambulance, aerial firefighting, and commercial pilot training.