Paramount Aviation Services has acquired a Boeing 767-300 Level D Full-Flight-Simulator for its Miami Campus, enabling the company to offer training services to worldwide operators.

The Boeing 767 remains a popular aircraft with both passengers and cargo operators around the globe. Cargo operators rely on Passenger-to-freighter conversions (P2F) to supplement their fleet growth with a versatile aircraft that meets both heavy freight and high-volume mission requirements.

As demand for the aircraft grows, so does the need to train qualified 767 pilots.  

“The acquisition of the Boeing 767 Full Flight Simulator represents a significant investment for Paramount Aviation Services, demonstrating the company's commitment to delivering quality, reliability, and enhanced flight training capacity,” said Vincent La Forgia, President of Paramount Aviation, "We are thrilled that the acquisition and installation of a Boeing 767-300 Full-Flight-Simulator in our Miami Campus will allow our customers to meet their stringent pilot training programs."