Pegasus Airlines is transforming its document authoring process and compliance management with Comply365’s end-to-end authoring and distribution platform, including its mobile app.

Pegasus will use ProAuthor to author and manage its Airbus, Boeing and company manuals across all its departments to support its growth plan that builds on the 129 destinations it flies to in 48 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. Pegasus needed a secure, enterprise solution to standardize the authoring and management of their manuals to enable departments to work seamlessly with automated workflows.

"The Comply365 solution will bring an agile, streamlined approach to our processes with a more efficient system, that is able to support our growth plans and evolving needs. We are happy to partner with Comply365, as it not only brings an innovative solution, but a dedicated team focused on helping us maximize the value of the product, in areas that matter to us the most," Pegasus CEO Güliz Öztürk said.

The number of passengers on Pegasus’ international routes grew by over 96 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year. With new aircraft planned for delivery, the airline aims to increase its total capacity this year by about 20 percent with plans to exceed 100 aircraft. As Pegasus onboards new aircraft, ProAuthor will enable faster, more routine manual revisions and help the airline remain audit ready. Comply365’s mobile app will automate compliance tracking for the airline’s 6,000 users and equip frontline employees with electronic forms to send data to the operations staff, to enable data-driven decisions.

Pegasus marks the second Turkish carrier to turn to Comply365.