Training Solutions for Aviation Training Professionals

The 19th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium

29-30 August 2023 • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Good Mental health is a key ingredient to fostering a happy and successful team. It should, therefore, be a priority for any business and its workforce. However, at every level of aviation organisations across the world, several obstacles exist that are preventing good mental health and, consequently, eroding safety.

Canada-based Dr Trang Dao, consultant, aviation psychiatry, will be one of our speakers at APATS 2023, delivering her presentation on Training Aviation Professionals in Detection & Management of Mental Unfitnes.

Dr Dao will use her talk, the opening session of day two in Singapore, to discuss the "embarrassing absence of psychiatrists in aviation" as well as the problem of one size fits all training programs that are limited in there ability to tackle the individual mental health demands of pilot, cabin crew, maintenance and other aviation departments.

While her talk will highlight issues, it will give you key tools and suggestions to take back to your place of work to help improve mental health.

Dr Trang DaoDr Dao is committed to promoting the awareness of mental issues in all levels of the aviation industry, from the individual professional to their associations, universities, transporters and aeronautical regulating authorities. She aims at integrating the prevention and detection culture in everyday life in a smooth, natural and intuitive fashion. 

Her goal at APATS is to identify strengths and weakness of mental health programmes in aviation, to recognize the magnitude of under-detection, and the need to train multiple levels of aviation professionals to adopt a sharper vigilance for early detection of subtle signs of mental unfitness.

Dr Dao's presentation is just one example of how the 2023 APATS Conference will provide you with practical solutions for your day-to-day challenges. To plan your visit to APATS 2023, live in Singapore, have a look through the full schedule of speakers at Marina Bay Sands here.

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