Wrap Technologies its participating in the upcoming International Counterterrorism Conference, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from 31 May – 2 June 2023. During the conference, the company will showcase its immersive virtual reality (VR) training platform, Wrap Reality, featuring modules that address crucial aspects of counterterrorism, including Suicide Bomber Training, Human Trafficking Training, and Weapons Training.

Wrap Reality is a VR platform designed to provide law enforcement and military professionals with realistic, immersive training experiences. With a focus on developing critical decision-making skills under high-stress scenarios, the platform is a leap forward in preparing agencies to respond to a wide array of security threats.

The highlighted modules have been crafted to provide experiential learning. The Suicide Bomber Training module helps trainees better identify and more effectively respond to potential suicide bomber threats. The Human Trafficking Training module equips users with the ability to recognize and disrupt human trafficking operations. The Weapons Training module provides comprehensive and practical weapons training, ensuring precision and safety during real-world operations.

"Our goal is to empower law enforcement and military personnel with the tools and skills they need to mitigate the constantly evolving threats of terrorism," said Kevin Mullins, CEO of Wrap Technologies. The counterterrorism training modules within Wrap Reality underscore our commitment to harnessing technology to safeguard communities and improve the effectiveness of security operations worldwide."

The International Counterterrorism Conference will bring together security professionals, law enforcement agencies, and technology innovators from all over the world to address global counterterrorism challenges. The conference will feature educational keynote addresses, panels, professional networking events along with product demonstrations.