FTD.aero - a Poland based Training Devices Manufacturer and 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy based out in the U.S. and Indonesia, has successfully conducted the Factory Acceptance Test of Academy's new B73M flight simulator. The device will be installed and certified in July/August of this year.

The flight trainer has been built-to-order in the maxed-out configuration, greatly exceeding minimum requirements, to provide immersive training for airline pilots.

Filip Witczak - FTD.aero Product Manager and co-owner adds: "We offered 14DAYPILOT flexibility to configure the simulator according to their current and future trainings needs. This B73M FAA Advanced Aviation Training Device can be easily upgraded to higher qualification levels, including FAA FTD Level 4 or 5 (EASA FTD-2). This will help 14DAYPILOT extend their training offering and adjust to rapidly-changing market needs without the need of making a whole new investment in the future.”

Capt. Goeyardi - the founder of 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy, a flight instructor and also a Boeing 737 NG captain said: "We are really happy to have purchased a customized B737 training device from FTD.aero. Our simulator has an equivalent product design and flight dynamics to the EASA FNPT II level, which has the Active Control Loading for yoke and rudder. I did my manual reversion maneuvers and I barely could feel a difference between a Level-D and FTD.aero's fixed-base simulator. The airwork performance can be done in very accurate power, pitch, and trim settings - just like in the FFS. I am also so relieved to see that FTD.aero has its own spare parts lab and produces all parts in-house. The simulator absolutely met my standards and even exceeded my expectations with the amount of money spent."