CAT Leader Forum - Webinar - Head of Training Mid Year Update 

Halldale, together with the AirCrew Training Policy Group (ATPG), hosted the third meeting of the CAT Leader Forum series. a Mid-Year Head of Training Update in June

Andy Mitchell, Chair of the ATPG, together with ATPG Secretary Karl O'Neill, ATPG industry liaison Veronica Zunic, Halldale's Head of Airline Engagement Allyson Kukel and the Chair of both APATS and EATS Capt. Jacques Drappier, shared a comprehensive overview of the work the ATPG is undertaking.

This expert panel discussion will give you an understanding about each of the ATPG sub-groups, the specific activities they are engaged in, and how each can benefit your training organization.

If you are a head of training and you want to continue the conversation or ask our panel something on this please head over to our new Aviation Training Leader Forum - a new online community platform which provides aviation leaders with a space to connect, collaborate and solve problems as a community.

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