On the opening day of AWE 2023, Ultraleap launched the Leap Motion Controller 2, the second generation of the hand tracking camera that allows users to use their own hands to interact naturally with digital content in 3D.

Key improvements over the original Leap Motion Controller include higher resolution cameras, an increased field of view, and 25% lower power consumption, all in a 30% smaller package for optimum placement and convenience. It is the most flexible camera ever developed by Ultraleap and is compatible across platforms and complimentary hardware including VR/MR/AR headsets, PCs, and holographic displays.

Designed for the world of XR, the Leap Motion Controller 2 allows users to immerse themselves for longer in untethered virtual reality experiences with Pico including the Pico Neo 3 Pro and Pro Eye, Pico 4 Enterprise, and Pico G3 models for business.

Amir Khorram, Head of PICO Enterprise North America, said: "The relationship between Ultraleap and PICO has already helped to create a powerful XR enterprise ecosystem that is transforming the way businesses and industries engage with digital content.”

Using the Leap Motion Controller 2 as an accessory, users can also enhance their experiences on both PC VR using the and untethered Android XR2 with Lenovo’s ThinkReality VRX headset.

With the Leap Motion Controller 2, for the first time Ultraleap’s Gemini hand tracking will be compatible with macOS, Android XR2, and Windows, opening up more opportunities for content creators to access global audiences with their games and applications.

As the enterprise XR market has grown, Ultraleap has seen the likes of NMY, PIXO VR and AutoDesk’s VRED use hand tracking to enhance and improve training and productivity. The Leap Motion Controller 2 provides greater flexibility and choice to content developers and software providers, enabling better experiences for end users.

Beyond XR use cases, the Leap Motion Controller 2 also enhances the way performers express their music and art, enables VTuber presenters to embody their avatars and allows natural interaction with applications and games on macOS, Android XR2, and Windows.

Brian Draper, VP, Content at PIXO VR said: “At PIXO VR, we understand the power of hand tracking in VR training experiences. It can be crucial in creating truly immersive and realistic training simulations, allowing users to naturally manipulate objects and perform complex tasks in virtual environments. We are proud to support the launch of the Leap Motion Controller 2 and offer this hand tracking solution to our customers. We are already working on exciting projects that will redefine the way organizations approach VR training. Stay tuned for the incredible experiences we are developing in collaboration with customers."