The DiSTI Corporation is expanding its efforts to support Volvo Cars by creating custom training programs tailored to the specific needs of the Swedish automotive manufacturer. Volvo Cars recently contracted with DiSTI to develop new maintenance training applications for two new fully electric car models to be launched later this year.

The manufacturer uses DiSTI Schoolhouse as their virtual maintenance training platform to train its technicians and engineers. Using DiSTI Schoolhouse, a managed virtual training solution with a highly immersive 3D environment, users can learn about the company’s vehicles in a hands-on way. In 2022, the company used the Schoolhouse to train nearly 4,000 technicians and engineers.

“Virtual maintenance training is not only a cost-effective solution but one that improves technician training through repetition and familiarity with the vehicle,” noted DiSTI CEO John Hayward. “Virtual training helps to improve employee productivity by allowing employees to practice tasks multiple times before performing them in the real world. This approach helps to enhance the training outcomes and improve the quality of work.”

DiSTI Schoolhouse is also being enhanced to allow the manufacturer’s trainers to modify lessons on a per-market basis. This approach gives greater flexibility to fine-tune the lessons to provide an optimal training experience for its technicians and engineers around the world.

DiSTI’s VE Studio, a virtual training development platform, is used to build these immersive virtual training programs designed to educate and assess technicians on: vehicle troubleshooting; EVT (Electric Vehicle Technician) and A-EVT (Advanced-Electric Vehicle Technician) Disassemble & Assembly the high voltage battery; de-energizing and energizing the high-voltage battery; battery inspection; IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) connectivity setup & troubleshooting; and without the need for a physical model, virtual training provides opportunities to learn new skills and improve the maintenance and diagnostic process.