Paladin AI, a provider of Artificial Intelligence in flight simulators, has partnered with Avion to accelerate the enhancement of pilot training. This collaboration will see the integration of Paladin AI’s machine-learning training platform, InstructIQ, into all Avion Full Flight Simulators (FFS).

Personalised training has become crucial for airlines and pilots in today’s aviation industry. Recognising this, Paladin AI has developed an advanced competency inference engine for aviation training. InstructIQ seamlessly connects to existing training devices and leverages training media such as lesson plans and grading sheets to provide invaluable insights into proficiency and competency levels.

InstructIQ is a web and mobile platform for adaptive pilot training. Flight instructors install the application on iPads, while Paladin AI supplies the training centre with a data collector. Using the platform, flight instructors can access training analytics, electronic grading sheets, briefing and debriefing tools, and training recommendations. InstructIQ enables airlines and training centres to implement competency-based training at their organisation, saving money through more efficient training based on the individual pilot’s needs.

The companies believe the integration of InstructIQ into Avion Full Flight Simulators will result in safer pilots and enhanced airline operations. This technology will optimise training efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging data-driven pilot competency analytics while minimising costs and resources.

“By combining Paladin AI’s expertise in AI implementation with Avion’s state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulators, we will empower airlines to deliver personalised and data-driven training that ensures safer skies and more competent pilots,” said Adolfo Klassen, CEO of Paladin AI.

“Our partnership with Paladin AI marks an exciting milestone in the evolution of pilot training,” said Manoj Pandey, CEO of Avion. “By integrating InstructIQ into our Full Flight Simulators, we can provide our customers with unparalleled training capabilities, enabling them to achieve higher proficiency levels and operational efficiency. This collaboration will redefine the future of pilot training.”

The Avion A320 Full Flight Simulator, located at the Luton-based Avion Flight Training Centre UK, will be the first device fully equipped with Paladin AI’s InstructIQ module. Paladin AI and Avion invite industry professionals to witness the module in action at London Luton Airport.