Skyborne has released a compensation package for US FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) employed at its training facility in Vero Beach, Florida.

The new benefits recognize the vital role CFIs play in meeting the surging US demand for commercial pilots, ensuring pilot training remains an attractive and highly rewarding career path.  

Ed Davidson, Managing Director at Skyborne, says: “Record numbers of passengers are now flying across the US and at Skyborne Vero Beach, we understand CFIs are crucial in nurturing and mentoring the next generation of aviators required. Our commitment to raising compensation for flight instructors reflects our dedication to those who teach and recognition of their expertise.”

Skyborne’s CFI compensation package includes a base salary of US$37,000 - $43,600 per annum. In addition, successful candidates will be entitled to premium pay ranging from $44.50 to $69 per hour for CFIA, CFII, MEI and Check Instructors, after flying over 58.3 hours per month.  

As employees of Skyborne, CFIs will also enjoy access to company medical, dental and vision benefits, as well as an employee contribution 401(K) retirement plan with an employer match. To ensure a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Skyborne’s ‘Paid Time Off’ policy allows staff to take up to 18 days off per year plus 9 holidays.

Davidson adds: “Certified Flight Instructors with Skyborne will have the opportunity to advance their careers as Program Managers or continue their teaching journey as standardization instructors or check flight instructors which enables them to lead the way in developing a higher standard of training for future CFIs.”

The Skyborne Careers Roadshow will be visiting Daytona, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Miami from 7-11 August and registration is now open.