The Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) has fully endorsed the U.S. House Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill amendment sponsored by Congressman Jay Obernolte of California’s 23rd Congressional District.

Obernolte’s amendment to H.R. 3935 addresses a bottleneck in pilot training – scheduling a practical flight test. Currently, candidates must wait as many as 120 days to secure a date for their test. The amendment calls for resources to reduce that to 14 days, allowing pilots to complete the final step in their training regimen without delay.

“The flight training industry is at the forefront of mitigating the global pilot shortage,” said FSANA president & CEO Robert Rockmaker. “However, we continue to see a steady flow of aviators being hamstrung by delays in their FAA-facilitated practical tests. Rep. Obernolte’s amendment ensures available resources so that applicants can schedule practical tests in a timely manner and make progress on their career path.”

Moving the needle on practical flight testing is the most recent example of how FSANA’s engagement with legislators in Washington has been essential in bringing to the fore numerous issues that impact the flight training industry.

“Over four years ago, at a time when we were first becoming actively engaged on this issue, FSANA proposed the creation of a national testing office. With the recent passage of H.R. 3935 and this amendment, the association extends its appreciation to Congressman Obernolte for his significant efforts,” Rockmaker added.