Wrap Technologies, Inc. has launched two new immersive virtual reality training scenarios for its advanced law enforcement training platform, Wrap Reality.

The Wrap Reality virtual reality law enforcement training platform has gained significant traction within the law enforcement community, empowering officers to enhance their skills and effectively address the complex public safety challenges of today's world. The latest scenarios have been meticulously developed to offer officers a diverse array of training experiences, focusing on communication, critical thinking, and objective-based investigations.

Kevin Mullins, CEO of Wrap Technologies, stated: "We are dedicated to developing realistic and pertinent scenarios that prepare officers for today's multifaceted public safety challenges. A considerable number of scenarios address non-violent situations emphasizing verbal communication skills and critical investigative techniques. We also provide officers with opportunities to hone their decision-making skills around the use of force. Officers have several options, including BolaWrap, a remote restraint device that has been adopted by over 1,000 agencies domestically and in more than 60 countries worldwide."

The first of the new objective-based scenarios center around the importance of approaching investigations with an unbiased perspective. In this scenario, officers encounter an unhoused individual accused of criminal behavior, but through unbiased listening and critical fact-finding, they discover that the individual is, in fact, the victim of a crime perpetrated by the accusers themselves.

Chief Henry A. King Jr. of Edenton Police Department explains: "Law enforcement’s goal has always been to help enhance their relationship with their community. Leaders must ensure policing that provides positive engagement. Making sure officers know their implicit biases will help achieve this goal. Wrap Reality’s virtual reality training platform is a game changer for police departments.”

The second scenario allows officers to practice deploying the BolaWrap device, a remote restraint tool that deploys a 7.5-foot Kevlar tethered cord from a safe distance of 10-25 feet. With its widespread adoption by law enforcement agencies globally, honing their skills with the BolaWrap device will ensure officers are equipped to handle a variety of non-lethal situations with precision and safety.

Mullins hinted at more scenarios to come, "We will relentlessly develop realistic, relevant scenarios for our Wrap Reality virtual training platform that enable officers to remain at the forefront of their field, enhancing public safety and yielding better outcomes for the communities they serve. You will see more in the very near future."