Operator XR, an immersive virtual reality training systems provider, has successfully completed its sale of the OP-1 Tactical Rehearsal System to the Australian Department of Defence.

The system was delivered immediately and is set to be utilized by the Australian Army, initially for deployed units, to facilitate ongoing maintenance of critical tactical skills.

The OP-1 System, powered by Operator XR's proprietary virtual reality simulation platform, is being procured as part of a concept evaluation process within the Australian Department of Defence.

This four-person system enables tactical teams to train and rehearse Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and urban combat scenarios within an immersive virtual reality environment.

Notably, the compact OP-1 System packs into a double rifle case, making it highly portable and thus suitable for deployment in various environments. With no external computers needed, the simulations are run off a high-powered tablet that also operates the After Action Review (AAR) system. This enables users to gain real-time insights and feedback, boosting the training value and impact.

The OP-1 System is compatible with real weapons, through "drop in" kits that transform live weapons into VR simulation tools. The bolt and magazine are replaced with an untethered, pneumatic recoil system, combined with proprietary weapon tracking sensors. This allows trainees to rehearse with their own weapons, further enhancing the realism and effectiveness of the training sessions.

Prioritizing security and flexibility, the OP-1 system runs completely offline, enabling secure deployment even in locations without internet access.