CPaT Global has been awarded a new contract with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to provide its full Pilot Training Suite, comprised of Aircraft Systems, Aircraft Procedures, and General Subjects, for their Airbus A320 CEO, ATR 72/42-500, and Boeing B777 fleets.

“PIA will utilize CPaT’s robust library of Aircraft System Courses, Aircraft Procedures and Operational Specialty Courses, that will be customized to match PIA’s fleet configuration and unique operating environment,” said Capt. Greg Darrow, Vice President of Sales.

"Through this smart solution, we expect that the training quality of Pakistani pilots will improve manifolds; and the learning opportunities that it will create shall be sought after by all the relevant players in the region," said Abdullah Khan, the Head of Corporate Communications and Official Spokesperson of the airline.

Pakistan International Airlines is based out of Karachi, Pakistan.