APATS 2023 is live! Have a look through our picture gallery and make sure you send your photos to one of our team for inclusion!

Icebreaker APATS 2023.pngReception APATS 2023

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APATS 2023 Exhibition Floor

HinSight HinFact APATS 2023

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Ettihad APATS 2023

U-Wing Simulation and Thai Aerospace Industries APATS 2023

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IDT UPRight acceptance testing in Simaero A330/A340 simulator. Clockwise from top left: Captain Gilles Demarque de Rieux (Train-by-Wire I TBW), Dr. Sunjoo Advani (IDT), Mario Potter (IDT), Pedro Peres (Simaero).

| Image credit: Simaero