The Whirly-Girls 2024 scholarship season is open now until 1 October 2023, and recipients will be announced and celebrated at the HAI HELI-EXPO 2024 in Anaheim, California.

For student pilots, or pilots flying aircraft other than helicopters there are three scholarship opportunities open: Whirly-Girls Initial or Add-On Helicopter Flight Training Scholarship; Bristow Group Initial Helicopter Flight Training Scholarship; and the Southern Utah University (SUU) Career Flight Training Scholarship.

For maintenance technicians (Whirly-Girls who are also maintenance technicians may also apply) to three scholarships: Bell Training Academy Maintenance Scholarship; Leonardo Helicopters AW139 Full Airframe Maintenance Course Scholarship; and the Southern Utah University (SUU) and Whirly-Girls Breaking Barriers: Female Maintainers Scholarship.

For Associates and Whirly-Girls there are two scholarship offerings: the Garmin GTN & Flight Display Pilot Training Course Scholarship and the Garmin Aviation Online Training Course Scholarship.

The Whirly-Girls are grateful to its generous scholarship sponsors who have helped created the largest helicopter scholarship program in the industry. Although the Whirly-Girls organization sponsors several scholarships, the grand majority of scholarship offerings are provided by individuals and organizations.

Scholarship sponsors include major helicopter and equipment manufacturers; training and service providers; members, families, and friends. Sponsors for 2023 include: Airbus; Anastasia Mosquito Control District of St. Johns County; Bell Helicopter; Bristow Group; CAE; Central Oregon Community College; Edward M. Thurn Trust; Erickson; FlightSafety International; Garmin; Leading Edge Flight Academy; Leonardo; MD Helicopters; Palm Beach Helicopters; PHI Aviation; Randy Mains/Oregon Aero; Robinson Helicopter Company; Southern Utah University; Survival Systems USA, Inc.; and Volo Mission.

Scholarship sponsors are committed to providing opportunities for women in the helicopter industry, improving operational safety, and helping Whirly-Girls members get that much closer to achieving their goals. They provide these scholarship opportunities as a tangible way to demonstrate their commitment.