The US Navy has awarded Vertex Solutions two contracts to supply advanced extended reality (XR) flight simulators, commonly referred to as Immersive Training Devices (ITDs), to bolster the Naval Aviation Training Next program. The initial contract is a five-year single-award IDIQ agreement, with a ceiling of $28 million. Designed with adaptability in mind, this contract offers the flexibility to acquire simulators catering to a diverse range of Navy aircraft platforms.

Promptly following the contract award, the Navy initiated the first Delivery Order (DO). In this inaugural award, the Navy is poised to capitalize on Vertex’s T-6 virtual reality (VR) ITDs, strategically propelling their undergraduate pilot training program, Project Avenger, headquartered at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas. This strategic leap forward is accompanied by a comprehensive strategy to procure a total of 150 ITDs in the coming years.

This represents a notable advancement for the Navy's undergraduate pilot training program, bringing about improved efficiency in aviation training and aircrew production. This enhancement is set to result in substantial time and cost savings for the Navy. Vertex’s XR ITD solutions currently supports U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy end users to build on its prior successful execution of SBIR Phase I/II initiatives.


Under this IDIQ and subsequent DOs, Vertex will serve as the Prime software and hardware integrator, building on its successful performance on previously awarded PTT contracts. Vertex On-Site Simulation Support Specialists will provide assistance and technical expertise from the initial delivery and installation until the end of the delivery period of this DO.

The IDIQ provides the Navy with the freedom to increase the ceiling, procure additional VR or mixed reality flight simulators for other aircraft platforms, and add engineering and on-site support services to sustain the Navy’s growing fleet of ITDs.

Vertex is collaborating again with trusted partners like Ryan Aerospace, Varjo, Foxguard Solutions, TakeFlight, and ASTi.