Vertiko Mobility, Jaunt Air Mobility, and their partners are launching a structuring project that will be used to enter into service drone and eVTOL flights, in the niche of advanced air mobility (AAM). The project's first on-the-ground initiative is the deployment of a research and development corridor linking the City of Joliette to the Atikamekw First Nation of Manawan, Quebec, Canada. The aim is to set up the necessary facilities for the development and operation of new electrically powered air vectors such as the Jaunt Journey.

"This achievement opens the door to a new world of opportunity and collaboration for players in the Canadian aerospace ecosystem," said Yannick Richard, Executive Vice President, and John Valley, President of Vertiko Mobility. "We are pleased to see the launch of this unifying project for the entire industry while highlighting Indigenous regions and communities."

The deployment of an air corridor will address a critical need in the Manawan community for faster access to health care and medicines. The gravel road linking Manawan to Saint-Michel-des-Saints is perilous and has been implicated in several tragedies.

"Manawan supports this project to develop an air mobility corridor that will ultimately allow our community easier access to medication and emergency treatment," says Paul-Émile Ottawa, Vice-Chief of the Manawan Attikamek Council.

The development of the ecosystem is supported by Aéro Montréal, the Consortium de Recherche et d'Innovation en Aérospatiale du Québec (CRIAQ), as well as the Drone Niche of Excellence. Three major areas of research and development are underway: the drone or air taxi, the vertiport, and the control and management system.

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