Republic Airways and NAVBLUE have established a multi-layered partnership that will benefit both parties. By selecting NAVBLUE’s Manage by Exception suite of operational solutions, Republic Airways will benefit from solutions designed to optimize critical resource planning, enhance operational decision making, and effectively manage its day-to-day operations.

With this collaboration, NAVBLUE positions its Digital Systems Operations Control (SOC) Solutions as a partner of choice on the North American market with a large, sophisticated operator, and will benefit from the experience and operational expertise of Republic Airways.

The agreement includes two complementary NAVBLUE solutions, N-Flight Planning and N-Ops & Crew.

N-Flight Planning, which will help Republic Airways to optimize their flight operations by enabling flight dispatchers to rapidly compute flight plans, factoring payload, aircraft performance, current weather and air-traffic constraints. N-Flight Planning will also bring added-value to the airline by optimizing for minimum flight time, fuel burn or total cost.

N-Ops & Crew gives the opportunity for Republic Airways to plan and distribute their network schedules and maintain full operations control with configurable operating rules. This single solution for both Operations & Crew management will also allow Republic Airways to eliminate manual efforts, and to automate, manage and optimize crew schedule planning, day-of-ops crew control, crew training and qualifications, and finally, crew mobile access. It will increase efficiency, provide quicker recovery for irregular operations and cover open flying.

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