At the request of the Philippine government, the 505th Training Squadron located at Hurlburt Field, Florida sent a team of U.S. Air Force Air Operations Center Formal Training Unit instructors to Villamor Air Base, Philippines.

The bilateral training focused on joint planning processes; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance fundamentals; and best practices for ISR support to operations. The instructors trained 28 members of the Philippine Air Force’s 300th Air Intelligence and Security Wing and 5th Fighter Wing. The 705th Training Squadron and the 505th Combat Training Squadron, located at Hurlburt Field and Pacific Air Forces Intelligence Operations Division assisted the 505th Training Squadron.

“This training has offered exceptional chances to engage and build connections with fellow instructors and intelligence professionals who share our interests,” said Philippine Air Force Brigadier General Torres, 300th Air Intelligence and Security Wing commander. “In our swiftly evolving world, adaptability is paramount. Training fosters our capacity to remain versatile and receptive to fresh concepts, technologies, and methodologies.

“Through the enriching five-days of training, we’ve established a robust network that fosters collaborations and invaluable partnerships, benefiting both the 300th AISW and the Philippine Air Force.”

The 505th TRS is responsible for preparing graduates to operate the AOC Weapon System, graduating more than 1,600 joint and coalition personnel annually. The squadron teaches 13 initial qualification courses, including an Integrated Air and Missile Defense Course, an AOC Fundamentals Course, a Joint Air Operations C2 Course and an Academic Instructor Course. Graduates from the 505th TRS serve in all combatant commands.