Alaska Airlines and its regional airline, Horizon Air, are currently accepting applications for the Ascend Pilot Academy in partnership with the Hillsboro Aero Academy in Oregon. The program focuses on students with little to no flying time who might not be considering a career in aviation. The deadline to apply is 15 October 2023.

Students will complete an intensive training and experience-building program before joining Horizon Air as a First Officer. As part of Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines commitment to equity, this program is designed to help all aspiring pilots, including those who may need financial support to make their dream of a flying career a reality.

Students will earn their ratings from private pilot up to commercial pilot and will receive a $26,463 stipend to pay for the commercial license. They will also receive up to $3500 to cover the Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument Certificate. After graduating from the program with a commercial license, students can become flight instructors at Hillsboro to earn the hours required to obtain the airline transport pilot certificate needed to fly for Horizon. An opportunity to join Alaska Airlines as a First Officer is available as part of the Pilot Pathways program once eligibility is met.

“We’re hoping to reach the population that might think flying is not for them,” said Carlos Zendejas, Horizon’s vice president of flight operations.

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