CAE has launched the Master Technician Program for organizations and individuals who seek to attain technical excellence and professionalism in business aircraft maintenance. The new program builds on CAE’s previous Master Technician program by offering technicians the flexibility to enhance their skills and competencies along two distinct tracks: Specialist and People Leader.

The new Master Technician Program addresses the need for independent certification of technical and leadership skills as the industry faces unprecedented demand for aircraft maintenance technicians. CAE’s 2023 Aviation Talent Forecast predicts a need for 402,000 new maintenance technicians industrywide over the next 10 years – 74,000 in business aviation.

“The CAE Master Technician program gives technicians two structured paths to build their skills and advance along a career path, recognizing competency development, not just aircraft-specific training events to bring them closer to their ideal career,” said Alexandre Prevost, CAE’s Division President, Business Aviation and Helicopter Training. “As a large proportion of the existing aircraft maintenance technician population approaches retirement age, the Master Technician Program addresses the challenge of developing the next generation of professionals and ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed to keep the industry flying safely.”

The program provides trainees access to a wide array of skill enhancement and training to advance their skills together with multiple pathways to becoming a Master Technician, including a Specialist track and a People Leader track. With three levels of achievement – Certified, Advanced and Master – trainees can reach a Master Technician status in less time than in previous Master Technician career development programs.

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