Titan Airways is collaborating with Leading Edge Aviation to recruit graduate pilots to join the airline. The selected candidates will start their journey with Titan Airways in early 2024.

Graduate pilots will begin their journey as First Officers on an A320, with a planned transition to A330 flying from their third year of employment. This career pathway encompasses experiences across the wide range of flying offered by Titan Airways and its client base, offering fast-paced career advancement.

Over the coming weeks, Titan will work closely with Leading Edge Aviation, identifying potential candidates.

Andy McFarlane, CEO of Leading Edge, said: " Our 'Whole Pilot Approach' focuses on producing pilots equipped with the wide range of skills needed by Titan Airways, who cater to diverse aviation needs globally. This exciting partnership opens up a promising career in aviation for our graduates."

Leading Edge Aviation students benefit from the using A320 simulators, which provide a great foundation for their future careers, says the airline.

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