West Star Aviation Academy (WSAA) is looking for 25 people who aspire to become licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technicians — people with strong mechanical aptitude and a self-starter attitude who can adapt to its standards of conduct while working as part of a team in a safety-oriented environment.

WSAA serves as the dedicated in-house learning center for West Star’s apprenticeship program. Aspiring technicians hired by West Star will embark on a journey as a full-time, paid apprentice at WSAA for a comprehensive 7.5-month program. During their time attending WSAA, these apprentices will receive in-depth training in airframe maintenance, honing their skills through hands-on training in collaboration with Southwestern Illinois College and Choose Aerospace. Mentorship and job shadowing opportunities will further bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world experience.

The ultimate goal of WSAA is to produce a highly skilled and work-ready pool of FAA licensed aircraft maintenance technicians while removing the barriers associated with gaining employment and fulfilling the educational and licensing requirements. In return, WSAA graduates will commit to continued employment with West Star to put their skills to work and unlock their career potential through future advancement.

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