The Airline Pilot Club (APC) has formed a new partnership with Welliba, which has developed a SaaS-based employee experience (EX) management platform, based on behavioural science and human centric technology. Welliba helps people to understand and improve their well-being, development, and EX by analysing and improving the interaction between their personal characteristics and their environment. The partnership will help pilots to improve their well-being and EX during their training, work and in their personal life.

The collaboration is set to launch on 13th of November, with an array of resources aimed at helping both experienced pilots and pilots in training. APC members, irrespective of their experience level, will get  full access to Welliba's comprehensive suite of EX insights and digital learning resources to improve their students or staff experience, well-being, resilience, personal growth, and career readiness. 

Members will benefit from:

A personalized insight hub, which can offer support, like a digital coach, to help APC members understand which internal and external factors impact their performance, resilience, well-being, and growth potential. 

Personal advice and strategies to manage different blockers or stress factors and to help unlock a great experience during aviation training and professional pilot careers. No one-size-fits-all solutions, but advice on what works best for each person in their specific environment.

Resources for professional development that complement existing skills and prepare pilots for the evolving demands of the airline industry.

APC will get access to aggregate data that can point to areas of risk, opportunities and impact into holistic development of (future) pilots. No individual member data is shared by Welliba with APC or any future employer.

"We believe that supporting the holistic development of our members is crucial to the advancement of the aviation industry. Our partnership with Welliba represents a significant step forward in providing the necessary resources to help future and current pilots thrive at all career stages," says Andy O’Shea, CEO & President, at APC.

"Welliba is committed to empowering individuals with personalised insights and learning resources to unlock a better experience at work and life and increase learning effectiveness, well-being, performance and professional growth. Collaborating with Airline Pilot Club enables us to reach a dedicated community of aviation professionals and support them in achieving their full potential," states David Barrett, CEO, at Welliba.

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