TXT e-solutions S.p.A. has achieved a substantial milestone in the Aerospace and Defense training sector with its recent acquisition of InstructIQ, an intuitive, data-driven training analytics tool. This new Smart Solution employs real-time flight simulator data analysis that automates five out of eight pilot Competencies-Based Training and Assessments (CBTA) to uncover strengths, weaknesses, core competencies, and comprehensive insights into each flight maneuver's performance. The incorporation of InstructIQ into PACE Aerospace & IT's product portfolio signifies a pivotal synergy within the PACE Aerospace & IT ecosystem.

Objective data collected from training shows that much of this training could be shifted to smaller, more affordable devices, even virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) training. This approach aligns with TXT Group's commitment to advancing and optimising training methodologies, potentially leveraging VR or AR technology for enhanced and cost-effective training experiences.

Adolfo Klassen former CEO of Paladin AI comments “We are particularly enthused about the technological cooperation, as InstructIQ can leverage the specialized competences of TXT Group. This includes the profound expertise in VR/XR/AR skills for technical training reinforcing our commitment to delivering excellence in pilot training. We recognize the profound impact of aligning ourselves with PACE’s esteemed references and remarkable market standing in our targeted industry.”

“It is a strategic move to create value for our Aerospace & Defense customer base,” says Daniele Misani, CEO of TXT Group. “With Artificial Intelligence we can boost innovation of customers’ products and processes in the complex domain of Adaptive Learning. We plan to exploit synergies with PACE and ProSim to continue to grow and provide innovative and effective solutions to address complex market needs”.

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