Varjo has unveiled its next generation XR-4 series headsets – XR-4, XR-4 Focal Edition and XR-4 Secure Edition. Through the fusion of its highest-resolution displays, foveated capture stream, advanced LiDAR depth sensing and camera sensors, all of which mimic the function of the human eye, the Varjo XR-4 series offers virtual and mixed reality experiences that the company believes is practically indistinguishable from natural sight.

Going far beyond consumer-grade headsets that only cater to 2D productivity use cases, Varjo's 4th generation headsets are designed to deliver deeply immersive VR/XR experiences. Today, over 25% of Fortune 100 companies are using Varjo’s technology to train astronauts and pilots, radically shorten automotive production timelines, power medical breakthroughs, and render 3D visualizations for architects and designers. 

Powered by NVIDIA GPUs and integrated into NVIDIA Omniverse, the XR-4 series allows developers and industrial users to render photorealistic scenes and unlock ray tracing in mixed reality. The combined technologies dwarf the computational power that can be achieved with a mobile chip. The Varjo-ready software ecosystem of over 100 third-party PC applications and 3D engines, including Unreal Engine and Unity, integrates the XR-4 series into demanding workflows across training and simulation, design and engineering, healthcare and more.

“As we enter a period of rapid expansion in mixed reality adoption, we’re proud to drive the industry forward by bridging the gap between human vision and computer vision with our new XR-4 series,” said Patrick Wyatt, Chief Product Officer of Varjo. 

Varjo believes it is the first VR/XR company to bring the gaze-directed autofocus mixed reality pass-through feature to market. Autofocus cameras mimic the behavior of the human eye and match the human acuity required for mission-critical work. 

The XR-4 Focal Edition has all the features of the XR-4 but offers the gaze-directed autofocus cameras and further optimized camera resolution for pilot training and other cockpit-based use cases. To meet the needs of Varjo’s government and defense customers, the XR-4 Secure Edition adheres to all government and enterprise-level security requirements. Both the XR-4 and XR-4 Focal Edition offer versions of the headsets that can go completely offline, are TAA compliant, non-RF and assembled in Finland. Varjo has also expanded its secure manufacturing capabilities with a new facility in Espoo, Finland where a dedicated manufacturing line for the XR-4 Secure Edition will be operational in December. 

The Varjo XR-4 Focal Edition headset is available to demo for the first time at I/ITSEC, the world’s largest training, simulation and modeling event.

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