Australian firm Real Response whose mixed-reality (MR) aeromedical training simulator is now operational with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), is receiving interest from the US and UK for its cutting-edge training system.

Speaking to MS&T at the recently concluded Dubai Airshow, Dale Linegar, Chief Technology Officer, Real Response, said Blue Room had attracted keen interest from the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), in addition to the US Army and British Army. 

Over the course of the Dubai Airshow, Brigadier Aysha Aldhaheri, Medical Service Corps Commander and Surgeon General of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Armed Forces. visited the Real Response BlueRoom Simulator twice.

The RAAF began training its aeromedical evacuation crew members from October using Real Response’s Blue Room MR simulator. 

Installation work at RAAF Base Amberley’s Health Operational Conversion Unit had begun this June and Linegar said the training system was fully operational now. 

He added that the RAAF played a key role in the development of the MR training system, coming onboard the program in December 2022. 

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Brigadier Aysha Aldhaheri, Medical Service Corps Commander and Surgeon General of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Armed Forces (left) trying out Real Response’s Blue Room Simulator.

RAAF subject matter experts helped co-design the training system, provided their expertise for the final design and also helping refine the offering. 

Real Response’s Blue Room uses Vario XR3 headsets, which Linegar said was the only one that met their stringent requirements. Blue Room uses a combination of technologies, delivering a highly immersive experience replicating the cargo area of a C-130J transport aircraft, especially the restricted area available inside the aircraft. With the cost per flight hour of a C-130J transport aircraft, estimated at approximately US$20,000, the Blue Room provides MR aeromedical training at a much lower recurring cost. 

The training setup is also capable of providing Tactical Medical First Aid Training, where the first responder can train having to use a firearm in a virtual environment before providing medical assistance. 

Real Response is also offering a container based Blue Room training simulation for customers seeking a more portable solution. 

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