One new offering that caught the author’s attention on the 2023 I/ITSEC exhibition hall floor was a new offering from the Polish company Motion Systems.

The RCM-C420 (Reconfigurable Cockpit Module) is a modular and reconfigurable training product dedicated to support operators of ground, maritime and airborne systems. In the ground configuration, the RCM-240 could be built to support training events for drivers, gunners, commanders and others. Of particular interest to US ground forces, the product was based on US Army requirements for its Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer program. 

The device weighs up to 200kg (441lbs) depending on configuration and was first fielded to the Land Forces Academy in Wroclaw. 

While the module presented at I/ITSEC was equipped with a 3-DOF motion system, it could be configured and customized with another one of the up to 50 legacy motion solutions offered by the company, according to Łukasz Wójciński, Sales Director at Motion Systems.

Motion Systems has assembled a rich blend of partners for the RCM-C420’s roll-out at this conference. While the training, proof-of-concept product enabled training with a Varjo XR-series headset, it also could be supported by Bohemia Interactive Simulation’s VBS3 or -4.

The RCM-C420’s reconfigurable and modular architecture contributed to the product’s listed price tag – of $19,700 Euros ($(US) 21,689).   

Sales CTA Aug 2023.png