APATS 2024

10-11 September, 2024

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The 20th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) is fast approaching and will once again be the place for key discussions, insights and solutions for the current and future landscape of aviation training. As we prepare for this key event, Conference Chair Captain Jacques Drappier provides a glimpse of some of the cabin crew sessions that await attendees:

Cabin Crew Conference: Insightful Sessions for Real-World Challenges

EBT Applied in the Real World

Examining the Narita accident, this session will connect EBT competencies to the challenges faced by cabin crew in extreme situations, engaging attendees in a series of practical exercises.

Reality Training and Regulatory Requirements

Explore the disparities between reality-based training and regulatory demands. Address persistent issues like human trafficking and challenges with unruly passengers.

Engaging Gen Z in Training and Leadership

With a surge of young cabin crew members joining airlines, delve into the impact on training and leadership techniques. How does the behavior of Gen Z influence their performance and loyalty?

Selection, Training, and Mentoring of Cabin Managers

Highlighting the pivotal role of Cabin Managers, this session emphasizes the evolving responsibilities and the importance of meticulous selection and training.

Creating Self-Awareness in Training

Led by a leading expert, an interactive workshop will focus on cultivating self-awareness and its practical application in aviation training.

Prepare to be inspired and informed as APATS 2024 unfolds.

Don't miss out on these thought-provoking sessions and more.

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