Flint Systems’ training tool has been purchased by the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław, Poland, where it will be used by students for practical forklift operation training in a safe and realistic environment.

The company believes its VR forklift simulator is one of the most advanced training tools on the market. In previous years, the device was purchased by entities such as the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). Its solution is gaining increasing interest not only from the professional industry but also from schools and higher education institutions, partly because learning on the simulator does not require being 18 years old.

Thanks to the use of VR technology, trainees participate in various training scenarios, developing their skills without risk to themselves and the environment.

The simulator delivered to the International University of Logistics and Transport has a range of functionalities. The instructor has a scene editor, allowing them to freely model a covered warehouse and the area in front of the warehouse, as well as configurable weather conditions. In addition, a special results recorder collects data such as time, accuracy, errors, and impacts during training. Various views are available (first-person view of the trainee, drone view, views from cameras embedded in the simulation), and scenery elements such as people and machines are fully interactive. The physics, functionality, and behavior of the machine are reflected 1:1.

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