Aptima's latest $40 million award boosts its contract ceiling to $99 million, amplifying its focus on warfighter performance for the U.S. Air Force. The new announcement signifies further strides in deploying the company’s SBIR-based solutions to the field.

The recent $40 Million augmentation supplements a 2019 Phase III contract award, initially valued at up to $59 Million, that has resulted in over $43 Million in funding received by Aptima over the past 4 years. The company believes this funding has been pivotal in facilitating transition of Aptima’s capabilities, including adaptive learning systems that personalize scalable education. Additionally, it supports the US Air Force Combat Air Forces (CAF)-wide Proficiency Based Training (PBT) program, actively rolling out to operational units across the CAF. These advancements align with the military’s objective to enhance warfighter proficiency and readiness through more effective, targeted learning methodologies.

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