Pilot training publisher, Padpilot, has released a new series of interactive theory books and training resources for Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter) theoretical knowledge studies. 

The set of 9 PPL(H) subjects are available on Padpilot’s new eReader content platform, which allows the digital content to be accessed on any device: Android, Apple or browser. Padpilot PPL(H) theory titles include AGK 1 - Systems & Engines; AGK 2 - Electrics & Instruments; Air Law & Ops Procedures; Communications; Human Performance; Navigation & Radio Aids; Principles of Flight; Flight Performance & Planning; and Meteorology.

The series is accompanied by resources for helicopter training providers that include editable classroom presentations that mirror the book content, learning management systems, student progress tests, and compliance & technical support.

All Padpilot’s training material is written by subject matter experts and is fully compliant with the EASA syllabi. Each PPL(H) book is designed for trainee pilots and assumes no prior knowledge. Together, the company believes the series provides a comprehensive theoretical introduction to helicopter flying and covers everything required for the successful completion of the 9 ground examinations required for a PPL(H). For pilots wanting to progress to commercial qualification, Padpilot’s ATPL(H) books follow on from where the PPL(H) course ends. 

“The new PPL(H) resources are modern, interactive, and uniquely designed specifically for helicopter pilot training. Our team of Subject Matter Experts, graphic artists and editors have created interactive, engaging books that bring PPL(H) theory to life and perfectly complement our ATPL(H) materials,” said Nathan Gray, Head of Learning and Development, Padpilot. 

Padpilot launched its commercial helicopter theory course in 2022, which contains only helicopter training content with relevant case studies, revision quizzes and interactive learning aids. The publisher’s in-house graphics team created thousands of new illustrations, animations and 3D models of helicopters and their component parts for the course, some of which now feature in the new PPL(H) series.

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