Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI) and Envoy Air have established an agreement for CESI to deliver procedural mixed reality training for the company’s flight and maintenance departments using CESI’s Commercial Aviation Augmented Reality Toolkit (CAART).

CESI‘s CAART mixed reality environment will be used to enhance Envoy’s current training pipeline by providing a virtual flight deck and designated maintenance tasks for the Embraer E175 aircraft. CESI believes CAART strengthens Envoy Air’s FAA approved training curriculum by enabling training in partial through fully immersive interactive environments to provide concentrated and effective training.

CESI’s CAART enables Envoy Air to conduct training at the point of need via web-browser and within their Dallas, Texas, training facility using a Virtual Reality (VR) training environment. The E175 mixed reality training system will be incorporated into Envoy’s AQP program to enhance pilot training within a realistic, dynamic training environment.

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