Quantum3D is set to demonstrate its simulation and training solutions at the Aerial Firefighting North America Conference and Exhibition at booth #205 from 6-8 March 2024, in Sacramento, California.

The company is highlighting its Quantum3D Mixed Reality capability during the demonstration, which merges a 3D stereoscopic pass-through camera view of a physical cockpit mockup with the immersive virtual environment presented through a high-resolution headset. This integration allows trainees to interact naturally with the cockpit's instruments and controls.

Fueling the visuals behind this solution is Quantum3D's MANTIS Image Generator simulation software. Attendees can witness the MANTIS wildfire features, which the company believes will set a new standard for visualizing large-scale forest fires. This simulation software also offers sophisticated integration with fire models, enabling dynamic control over fire propagation and the effectiveness of firefighting tactics such as foam and retardant drops.

In addition, Quantum3D will be showcasing the integration of a virtual thermal FLIR camera display into the cockpit environment. With FLIR displays becoming increasingly indispensable in firefighting aircraft, the company believes this feature empowers pilots to navigate through smoke and identify hotspots with clarity, enhancing situational awareness and operational effectiveness.

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