So far overall, 10 graduates from the airBaltic Pilot Academy have joined its team as theoretical instructors, significantly enhancing its educational personnel. This development means that 10% of the academy's alumni, who joined the airline as First Officers, have also assumed roles within the academy. The new instructors represent the areas of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. 

 Pauls Cālītis, Chief Operations Officer of airBaltic: “With over 120 students currently advancing their careers with us, it is rewarding to see our graduates return as instructors, sharing their knowledge and fostering the next generation's growth.”

There are 123 active students at the airBaltic Pilot Academy at the moment. Most of them are from Baltic countries, however, there are students also from other EU countries such as Finland, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain among others. Overall, more than 10% of airBaltic Pilot Academy students are female. As for now, 95 students, after graduating, have joined airBaltic.

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