Leading Edge Aviation has expanded its integrated frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (fATPL) LEAP training programme at its Alhama campus, in the Murcia, southern Spain, starting in September 2024.

The expansion of courses to the Alhama campus was officially announced at the PCL Madrid event on 16th March 2024, signalling a major milestone for Leading Edge Aviation. It opens doors for both European and UK students to begin full integrated pilot training at its Alhama campus.

The Leading Edge Airline Preparation (LEAP) course is designed to offer aspiring pilots a comprehensive pathway to achieving the fATPL qualification they need to become an airline First Officer. The first course starts on 26th September 2024 and there is an additional intake in January 2025.  The course offers both single (EASA or UK CAA) and dual (EASA and UK CAA) licence options, catering to the varied needs of future pilots. 

The Alhama campus includes exclusive airport use, a newly built ground school, and flight training in Robin DR400, DA40 and DA42 aircraft, DA42 simulators, and virtual reality tech, all set in a location with optimal flying conditions and extensive leisure amenities.

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