MINT Software Systems has entered into a service agreement with PLAY airlines to implement the web-based training management system, MINT TMS.

Since its inception in 2019, PLAY airlines has rapidly expanded its operations, operating 10 Airbus 320 NEO and 321 NEO aircraft across a network of 22 countries with 42 destinations on 41 routes. As PLAY continues to grow, the airline recognizes the critical importance of secure management for electronic currencies and qualifications.

PLAY's leadership conducted a comprehensive evaluation, ultimately selecting the MINT Training Management System (MINT TMS) to oversee the qualifications of their pilots and cabin crew. MINT TMS offers advanced features tailored to meet the needs of airlines, including electronic forms for seamless submission of training results and the MINT Report Builder tool for swift extraction and exportation of critical crew training data.

"The MINT TMS platform will not only streamline our training processes but also ensure compliance with aviation regulations, facilitating the safe operation of our growing fleet," said Halldór Guðfinnsson, Director of Flight Operations at PLAY airlines.

By leveraging the capabilities of MINT TMS, PLAY airlines aims to accelerate its expansion while maintaining high safety standards.

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