Simulation and training has been Halldale's mantra for over 40 years but now, in the midst of a virtual technological revolution, the world is ramping up adoption.

VR headsets are attempting another launch on the general public, with likes of Meta releasing their version to the general public, while commercial businesses are benefiting from the technological advances from major players players in the sector, which are attracting different industries to the capabilities of simulation for their training requirements.

Halldale Founder and CEO Andy Smith was on hand at the recent 2024 Immersive Tech Summit in Orlando to speak with delegates and exhibitors, offering expertise in the simulation training space, which is bringing industries together to provide future solutions across aviation, defence and many other industries.

"Anything difficult or dangerous to perform on real equipment, whether for operators or potential clients, necessitates simulation and training, hence the integration of VR and AR," Andy explained to The Orlando Life publication.

Orlando continues to be the epicentre for the simulation training sector. The region has a strong foundation in defense and aerospace simulation,  hosts the largest chapter of the VRAR Association globally and is atrracting more players interested in shaping the future of immersive technologies.

Halldale recently showcased an article on VR forklift training, illustrating how these technologies are transforming learning and operational efficiency. By immersing trainees in diverse scenarios, VR and AR enable skill development without jeopardizing safety or the environment.

"Embrace the industry's potential. The opportunities in XR and simulation are vast and continually expanding," Andy added.

XR and simulation will again be at the forefront of the upcoming World Aviation Training Summit. An event that has expanded out from one that catered for the civil aviation simulation training space to one that is embracing defence, and many other sectors keen to utilise immersive technologies.