Halldale Group is delighted to have joined forces with HelpMeSee, a company with plenty of roots in aviation training, to support their global effort to aid cataract sufferers with a partnership for its 2024 live events, WATS, APATS, and EATS.

Dan Thorpe, HelpMeSee's Chief of Marketing and Development, joined us at WATS to talk about the charity's history, their ambition and how the aviation training community can help their efforts around the world.

HelpMeSee's journey began in the late 1970s with Albert L. Ueltschi, the visionary founder of FlightSafety International (FSI) and co-founder of Orbis International. Al's dedication to fighting blindness in developing countries laid the foundation for HelpMeSee's mission to eradicate cataract-induced blindness through simulation-based training. In 2010, Al and his son Jim founded HelpMeSee, driven by the belief that training local ophthalmologists was key to transforming eye care in underserved communities.

For more information about HelpMeSee and its transformative work, visit their website at www.helpmesee.org.